Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 1,351

Okay, since this is the very first post of my brand-spanking new blog how can it be day 1,351?  Well, that is how many days we've been traveling in this 5th-wheel.  Impossible!  That long already?  I can't believe it but, yes, we sold our home and left the big city of Springville, IN (pop. 500) on June 12th, 2006.

My daughter was 7 and my son was 2 months shy of 3...*sigh*.  They grow up so fast.  I just wish I would have been blogging before now...I'm a tad slow, what can I say.  BTW, can you tell my son was NOT happy about having his picture taken for the profile pic?  I know I should use a better one but I can't find it right now. 

Well, I have lots of stories and pictures (to come in another post) that I can share to get you caught up.
Hope you enjoy the journey as much as we have.