Saturday, November 20, 2010

Church Bathrooms Remodel

I mentioned last week that we had done quite a lot of painting.  Every and I do mean E.V.E.R.Y room of the church parsonage was painted.  Not that there are a lot of rooms, on the contrary it's a small 3 bedroom home but it has cathedral ceilings. The fact that I painted each bedroom and the living room different colors probably didn't help either. 

I thought I would share some of the fruits of our labors from the church as we didn't take any before pics of the parsonage...bad blogger, bad, bad!

A before pic of the ladies restroom in the church

 Another angle after holes had been patched

A pic of the "cabinets" in the stalls
Oops...another blogland blunder! 

The baseboards and trim had been painted to look antique cream and were nice but didn't match the stall doors.  It was also dark in there due to poor lighting (which we remedied).  I wanted to brighten and freshen it up so I went with Behr Ultra Bright White for the trim and doors and Behr Ultra Premium Plus in Hallowed Hush.

And the result...

Sorry the after pics aren't as good, they were taken with my iPhone

I replaced the non-used green cabinets with these picture frames from  Pier 1, LOVE that store!
I just took out the glass and the backing for the wall to show through.  There are 3 stalls, one of which is a bit larger and I have something different planned for the wall in there and it will be completely finished when I get it done.

The before of the men's room

Another angle and a pic of the lovely ficus tree...blech!

The reveal...

Once again they are not the best pics because they are from my iPhone.

I absolutely love the orange and it's not really this bright in person.  It's a lovely, warm shade called Carmelized Orange by Behr.

I stripped the honey oak stain and varnish from the sink cabinet with Citristrip which I learned about from here

It worked wonderfully well but I did read on another website, can't remember where, that you have to put it on very thick and keep it moist for it to work better.  So I practically "painted" the cabinet with the Citristrip until it was orange and then taped 50 gallon trash bags onto the counter top so they hung down around and covered it.
 Sorry, another iPhone pic.  I've learned my lesson though!

I re-stained it with Bombay Mahogany, which I absolutely love.  I used a brush and put it on pretty thick so there are darker streaks in the crevices and grooves kinda like glaze but much easier.  I sanded it down between coats of which I did 2 b/c they were so thick and between the Polycrylic.

Hope you've enjoyed looking at the process as much as I've enjoyed sharing it.
Let me know if you have any questions, you can email me at lauras (dot) kaleidoscope (dot) sky (at) gmail (dot) com.

God bless,

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